You are currently viewing The Anti Blog Complainer’s Top 25 favourite Movies Ever!!!

The Anti Blog Complainer’s Top 25 favourite Movies Ever!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello, Helll-o my beautiful People, it is I, your savior of this hate filled world, The Anti Blog Complainer!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve invaded this hell’s pit, so I asked the Hater if I could come back and bring positive thoughts back into the land. So me (The Anti Blog Complainer) and The Hater came to an agreement where I’m allowed to post one blog … every 18 months!  Isn’t that great! 

So in honor of this great victory for the good guys I’m going to tell you my favourite movies Ever! (I wasn’t allowed to do anything from 2018 because he wants to do that. That’s why he is the villain!) 

Also before we start The Hater wanted me to tell you it’s been exactly 6 months since he started his hate filled crusade and you should jump up and down with joy and whatever. Like who bloody cares am I right? We’re here for a top 25 list not a dumb little meaningless celebration about him!

So all of these movies are banned by default, Thanks Hater.

There are only three rules for this list:

Number 1: I have to like it for it to count.

Number 2: It can’t have come out this year because of the Hater’s orders, and 

Number 3: This is only here because I wanted there to be three rules and the number three is my favourite number.

In this list you’ll see no horror movies like Monster vs Aliens and Monster House because they’re too scary and I’m easily startled. HOLY pickle-berries, my keyboard just spooked me!

No Hipster movies or Artsy movies because they’re too smart for me and they’re too boring for me. So don’t expect Fantastic Mr Fox to be on here. 

Finally any movie with no color won’t be on here because if The Wizard of Oz and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can be in colour then that means that every movie that came out around the same time should have also been in colour.  Come on you slackers, it’s not that hard.  If I can do it with my iPhone that means you can do it too!   

But’s its mainly because it gave me the most nightmares.

Number 25 of my favourite movies ever is …………………………………………     ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins

I put these together because they both star Julie Andrews playing the same character and they’re also really old, older then my grandmother and that’s why they’re at the bottom of my list.

Bet you can’t guess which one of these women I’ve cosplayed as the most.

Number 24 is the TV show 24 at Number 24

It’s a TV show but so what, it’s my list and I like what I like. 24 was an awesome show because it took 24 episodes to show one entire day and it’s like showing everything in real time. It felt so real that I thought I had to keep watching the show every hour because it was really happening. I stopped watching it after Season 5 because I slept through the entire season. 

Never went back to work after watching this show.

Number 23 is the only hipster movie that I liked on Ranker’s Best Hipster Movies Ever (I felt like I needed at least one) and that is Juno

I haven’t seen it since it came out but since that Charlize Theron movie, Tully, it reminded me alot of this movie because they’re both about pregnancies. Since I can’t put Tully here (2018) Juno is here because to me they’re the same thing.

I’m probably wrong saying that as I’m known to forget stuff quite often, so don’t be surprised if I’m pulling your leg half the time.

Number 22 is The Breakfast Club

I saw it on the Hater’s Facebook page and so I felt like it should belong somewhere on my list and it’s a classic too, next to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Home Alone.

While I’m at it, Number 21 and 20 is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Home Alone.    

They’re both from the 80’s so that means they’re perfect and flawless in every way. They’re both about two geniuses who use and manipulate everyone around them to do what they want so they may come off as a sociopath, but don’t worry they’re both very young and beautiful so it doesn’t matter. 

I’ve noticed I like a lot of movies and shows that feature lots of young people.

Number 19 is Indiana Jones – any of them, I like them all.

Indiana Jones is awesome! It’s very smart, it’s action packed, it’s very simple and they’re funny. The Indiana Jones movies are a great way to sweep off into a fantasy where you play as the cute girl who gets to ride off into the sunset with Indie. (At least, that’s just what I do.) Besides the scary stuff that I just fast forward over every time I see it they’re Awesome movies! But I don’t understand what’s wrong with the fourth one except Harrison Ford has been replaced with a fossil. 

Bwah! What’s that thing?

Number 18 is Ghostbusters and The Gremlins

I saw these two movies on the same night so I think of them as the same movie. Ghostbusters is the only scary movie I would ever sit through and The Gremlins is a movie I only watch after I buy myself a new Gizmo doll after the old one falls apart. What else can I say – they’re perfect and I’m getting tired of this.

Got any Gremlins toys you don’t want anymore? Give Me!

This list is too long so here is the 17 to 13

17: Oliver Twist and Annie: They’re both about little orphan kids and musicals, my favourite combination.

16: The Shrek movies: I only watched these movies because of the memes.

15: Every Julia Roberts Movie: I’ve only seen Pretty Woman and Notting Hill but I presume the rest of her filmography is the same. 

14: Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends: These were the only shows I watched religiously in the 90’s.  In my unpublished autobiography I even suggested to my local church that watching Friends and Beverly Hills 90210 should be a religion and that’s why I have never been allowed back to church.  

13: 13 Reasons Why: A TV show about a teen suicide had me hooked from the premise alone and it should be on this list because I like it and THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!

I don’t know, how does a dead girl lie?

Number 12 is The Star Wars Movies

Stars Wars was my childhood, even though I wasn’t a child when it came out it felt like I was a little munchkin watching these movies. I’m including all of them so that’s why it’s so low because Disney tainted my babies by releasing them too regularly and I hadn’t time to watch any of the new movies because I’m still marathoning Beverly Hills 90210 for the 57th time.  

Only Young People Can Look good in a Photo.

Number 11 is Casper because it’s the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

It’s a children’s movie but don’t you remember me telling you how I can get startled very easily. I first watched this movie with my grandma back when it first came out and the first scene of the movie was so scary that I shrieked so loud that my grandma had a heart attack and she died. I think it was at that moment because I didn’t notice she was dead until the next day after I had presumed she took a nap during the movie.  

Me After Watching 5 minutes of Casper.

Finally Number 10 is Every Steven Spielberg movie.

The Indiana Jones movies don’t count because he made them with George Lucas I’m talking about all his movies after that like E.T, Jurassic Park, Tintin, The BFG, Hook and so many more. I’m also going to include Ready Player One (2018 – too bad Hater) too because it’s full of old stuff that I recongise so that’s why it’s a 10/10 in my books.

Hey I Know What That Is!

Number 9 of course is The Greatest Showman.

This movie doesn’t get enough love on this website so I’m going to tell you I love it and then you can say to that Hater that ‘Anti loves it so who cares what you think you dastardly villain’.  

I’m the baby, the Hater is the evil guy and the lollipop is a metaphor for him the Hater taking My Rightful Spotlight!

Number 8 is Grease and American Graffiti, The West Side Story, The Rock Horror Picture Show, Cabaret, Singing in the Rain, The Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Ha….

I should make another list just for musicals

Number 7  is Forrest Gump and Titanic the only two Oscar winning films I agree with because I don’t watch the Oscars often.

Hey who still watches The Oscars? I don’t because I threw my TV out the window once Smallville ended. Dark Times.

Number 6 is Superhero TV shows (There were too many movies to consider for the list.) 

I watched the old Batman, Wonder Woman and Six Million Dollar Man in my youth but as I got older I watched Smallville, Arrow, The Flash, Agents of Shield and Heroes as they were some of my proudest achievements. As they were the only times I made sure I watching all by myself. I really have a thing against windows and any type of light while we’re on the matter.

Haven’t got around to watching Titans because I’m still watching Smallville for the 12th time.

Number 5 is Twilight because of course it would.

I read a lot of books but mostly Young Adult because Old Adult is too hard to read. Twilight really showed me that Vampires make good fan fiction so maybe some day beautiful lovely people (if you are good) I may show you my fan-fiction but only after you promise to give this blog 5000 likes and tell the Hater he should hit the road.

Support me to turn the Hater into this.

Number Four, Number For, Number 4 is to any romantic comedy that I haven’t mentioned.

Number 3 is The Animated Disney Movies 

Unlike with Superhero movies I have seen every Disney Animated movie and I love them and there is no way I can put them anywhere else because it’s too hard. There is too many of them to rank them all separately so allow me to lazily combine them all together and say I love all of them. You okay with that? 

Hey, here’s a literal picture of what I just said.

Number 2 Cartoons in Real Life

This is such a brilliant idea turning beloved cartoon characters into real life people. You’ve got the Alvin and the Chipmunk movies, The Transformers movies (it’s annoying they’re always getting nominated for Razzies), The Superhero movies and just so many of my favourite shows that I can finally see in real life, like who else wanted to see Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo and Rocky and Bullwinkle in real life form. 

Oh my gosh I love this, I should do this more often.  Next time I’m going to review Real Life Cartoon Shows, Beautiful Gorgeous People please let me do this. Please convince Satan that I need this (most importantly you need this of course). I can’t last much longer out here in this wasteland, I need to save you from your fate. You’re in danger and I’m here to save you. The only way I can save you is if…..

It’s amazing what technology can do.

And Now for my Number 1 favourite movie ever. Can you guess? No?  Good because The Anti Blog Complainer’s Favourite Movie Ever is…….



I would gush about my favourite show ever but I’ve been set with a limit and I really need you to like share and all of that because if you don’t I’ll won’t……


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