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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Another MI Movie And I’ve No Problem With That.

The summer season is coming to an end and what we have so far is some average forgettable ones like Ocean’s Women and Tag and some “why did this even get released?” movies like Jurassic World Fallen Franchise and Groana Mia, Do We Have To Do This Again? Then every now and again we get some good ones like Hereditary and Sicario 2 and that’s about how every summer ends up.

So today we’ve got the 6th Mission Impossible movie which by the 6th movie you would expect the franchise has run dry and it’s out of ideas so it’s time to grab the shotgun out and end it’s miserable run. I would definitely agree with other dying franchises but Mission Impossible has always been different. I would call it The South Park of the Movie Franchises both have over stayed their welcome and are stuck tracing their own foot-steps but we don’t want them to go because they’re still very entertaining and great to watch.

Every Mission Impossible Movie: So Mission Impossible is the remake of the old TV show and the series follows Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise because he basically plays himself if you removed the movie star persona and the Scientology enthusiast. Tom Cruise plays Mr. Better At Everything Than You Ever Will Be Man. He’s good looking, He can jump over and out of stuff, drives like a maniac, he can get every woman he meets to immediately trust him, he can climb anything, he can beat anyone in a fight, he’s always 10 steps ahead of his opponent (unless the plot says otherwise), he can escape any impossible situation and he can RUN.

Tom Cruise Should Try Out For The Olympics

In every movie he gets his mission statement from a tape recorder instead of video chat or e-mail for some unknown reason. The mission normally involves stopping some evil terrorist from destroying the world or terrorising the world. Every movie he will be accompanied by a team of expendable or characters that are just as important as Cruise himself. (But not too much to steal his spotlight) One of them will be Luther; there will normally be a girl to obsess over and a number of other side characters all at Tom Cruise’s disposable. Tom Cruise will do all the hard work while his team watch from monitors or get one scene to join in the action but for comical purposes. Normally around the 3rd act it will look like he’s been bested by the main villain of the movie but with some over the top action scene Tom Cruise will save the day and sit around and do nothing until the next movie calls him.

Fallout 6 – Tom Cruise Edition: Mission Impossible Fallout is pretty much just another run of the mill Mission Impossible movie. It doesn’t do anything new or anything different, it’s the same as all the other Mission Impossible movies. But that’s what’s good with Mission Impossible movies – they’re all just fun movies! I have my problems with each one of them but each one is still very entertaining to watch so I can’t really smack it very hard for making a few boos boos. How I see each movie is like a great meal at your favourite restaurant, the plot of each movie is the entrée to get you started then main meal is the sticky situation these characters get into and the final action scene is the dessert.

Mission Impossible for me is like the James Bond movies. They don’t have to make complete sense or explain how the hero is invincible as long as there are entertaining thrill rides then I can forgive how dumb the movies are. If you want a more plot focused action movie then watch Jason Bourne or any Superhero Movie. I guess I should finally get around to my thoughts on this new Mission Impossible movie.

Don’t Worry Folks I’ll Get Out Of This , (Gulps) In One Piece I Hope

The Pros – Like I said before it’s a very entertaining movie. There are good banter scenes with Tom Cruise, Luther and Benji. The action scene in the bathroom and the car/motorbike chase were both really cool. I’m embarrassed to say it, but some scenes got my heart pounding a bit. Even though I knew none of the characters were in danger but some of the scenes were pretty intense and I don’t think Tom Cruise is the best actor but he proofs once again that he’s definitely good at putting his life on the line to make entertaining movies. Okay what else do we have? The acting is fine and the camera work is standard, and that’s about it.

The Cons aka Nit-picks – It’s a stupid movie where death doesn’t matter and the main characters are perfect people with no flaws. The plot of the movie is Tom Cruise having to deal with another terrorist league that are connected to the ones in Rogue Nation and they want to blow up a small part of the world with all of Tom Cruise’s friends nearby so the villain can say ‘MHA-HA-HA Just Remember Batman it was I, The Riddler who bested you on this day!’ There are also a bunch of plot twists and double crosses just to confuse you and even the main characters don’t know who to trust anymore.

The twists get annoying and it makes the movie a bit of a mess. My last few issues is things that conveniently make things easier for the main characters and the main bad guy from Rogue Nation the writers treat like he’s on a pedestal for best Movie Villain Of All Time but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Rogue Nation so I could barely remember who he was and he’s acts more like a wannabe villain. That’s about it. Henry Cavil did a decent job at playing muscle guy – too bad his moustache ruined Justice League.

(Moans) I’m So Mad Justice League Bombed!

Conclusion: If you like any of the other Mission Impossible movies then you’ll like this one since it’s just another Mission Impossible movie and that is why they should stay the way it is and keep releasing these movies once every 3 to 4 years. It’s not tired yet. If they keep the same people involved and just do what they’re doing now then I’ll be happy to keep seeing these movies. It’s a 7/10 one of the better blockbuster movies of this year.

We’ve come to the end of another movie review and this month I’ve some big things planned including more reviews on TV shows. The Simpsons will still be there but I plan to bring in some more shows and hopefully by the end of this month or the next I hope to resurrect my Video Game reviews because games are fun and I like fun things.

So that’s it. Let me know what you thought of this blog and the movie in the comments. Like and Share and follow me on Twitter. If you’ve any suggestions on future things I could talk about then please let me know.

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