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The BC Reacts To 2018’s Comic-Con Trailers

Hello Everyone, Blog Complainer here.

We’re near the end of another month and it’s late July so I’ve got to hurry up and release my Netflix Watch-a-Thon or I may not last the night. To be serious it’s almost done, just finishing it off is the hard part because I love leaving things unfinished because I can be a bit lazy sometimes. Don’t worry I’ll get it done but today’s topic is… Trailers again! (Hooray!) In late July a little unknown obscure event show happens at this time of the year. I bet you never heard of it, It’s called San-Diego Comic Con. It’s where all your favourite Nerd Culture comes together to make you feel excited for a new BIG thing that shouldn’t suck and there is literally no point going to this event because the Internet has got you covered.

If you couldn’t go don’t worry I got you covered so I have a list of the new hit trailers that came out at Comic-Con this year and I’m going to react to them. Also if you want you can join me and I’ll leave some links to the trailers I’ll be reacting to in this blog. Just to be clear as of this paragraph I haven’t seen any of them yet and I guess depends where this blog goes we can do this again next year because it’s not like I’m ever going to run out of trailers to bash to death because if you know me I’m the perfect person for this job. Okay let’s get this started with…

The Non Superhero Movies

Let’s start off with something that should be fun Godzilla: King of Monsters

Godzilla King of The Monsters:

I’m not a Godzilla fan so the trailer only reminded me of a movie like Independence Day or Pacific Rim it looked like a really serious bleak movie about giant monsters destroying stuff. It looked really boring but I guessed it looked cool to look at. I don’t really have much to say because I don’t care about Godzilla so let’s move on.

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Grindelward:

Eh. I haven’t seen the first Fantastic Beasts because it didn’t interest me so I don’t have much to comment. But it looked pretty decent so I might check it out when it eventually comes out and I am a fan of Harry Potter so we’ll see. This is a pretty good trailer so I’m guessing the tone of the movie is colourful and weird and cool to look at and some fan service like they kept teasing a younger version of Dumbledore and I’m presuming he ends up facing with Johnny Depp’s character because I remember his name from the books. Overall not a bad trailer.


Glass is the best one out these lot so far. For starters it’s the only one out these movies I’ve seen the other sequels and it’s the most unique out of the bunch. It was revealed in Split that it’s in the same universe as M Night Shyamalan’s 2000 movie Unbreakable. So M Night has a cinematic universe so when does The Last Airbender come into play? This trailer looked really good and I really want to see this one now and a possible team up with James McAvoy’s split personalities and Samuel L Jackson’s Mr. Glass  is such a great idea because I thought they stole the show in their movies.

Yeah it’s kind of a superhero movie but I don’t really view it as a superhero movie if that makes sense. If the movie is like Unbreakable then it’ll be the most unique not really a superhero movie movie. It’s got the best opening  with the main characters getting interviewed and the most cheesy ending with Mr. Glass saying his name as the title showed up. Great trailer just hope the movie is good.

 The Non Superhero TV Shows

There are a lot shows here so I’m just going to do the ones that interest me and the ones I’ve seen the previous seasons of. Alright let’s get started with.


Our first show is a animated fantasy called Disenchantment. It’s going to be on Netflix and from the guys who gave us The Simpsons if you couldn’t tell already from the animated style. I can’t really say if I like it or not until I see it, but it looks alright and the amination looks impressive. I’ll add it to the list.


Nightflyers is based off one of George R. R. Martin’s books and from what I can tell it’s about a bunch of people going into outer space and a bunch of people die because that’s original. It looked decent and a potentially good Sci-fi horror that reminded of movies like Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just from the trailer it could be a great show but we’ll see.

The Walking Dead Season 9:

The last few years of The Walking Dead have been rough. This trailer looks promising but I’m not having my hopes too high because I know it’s going to backfire in my face. Rick is an old man now, Negan is an old man too and Daryl is still the worst character on the show. Looks likes there is a civil war coming and I’m guessing Rick isn’t going to make it because the internet loves to remind that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show and isn’t Lauren Cohan leaving too? Whatever I really don’t care all I can ask from The Walking Dead is to not suck for the 3rd time in a row.

Star Wars The Clone Wars:

Yes! I’ve being wanting this show to come back for so long. The Clone Wars was really good in it’s final seasons until Disney got rid of it for Star Wars; Rebels which was so boring and childish that I lost interest halfway through Season 1. It’s great to see this great show come back to life and can’t wait to see more it. The Trailer was also really awesome.


This will be the last TV Show I’ll cover and I thought why not end it on a teen drama and it’s set in Roswell (New Mexico). This trailer looked really boring and I didn’t really care about what was going on. The most I got out of it was the bad teen drama and the bad acting I’ll probably watch it to humour myself.

The Superhero TV Shows

There are so many Superhero TV Shows that I can’t keep up with them all but I do plan to review them all one day. So we have The Arrowverse which does DC shows and Marvel’s Netflix series with no relations to the MCU or their TV shows. But there is also Netflix’s Black Lighting which is a DC property and The Gifted which is an X-Men show on Fox so don’t get confused.

So this year Netflix has released another season of Luke Cage and there is a trailer for Iron Fist Season 2 and I haven’t seen either of these shows. Arrowverse has Season 7 of Arrow, The Flash Season 5, Supergirl Season 4 and Season 4 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so can you see how hard it is now for me to keep up with all this nonsense.

The only new superhero show I could find is for DC’s Titans which is a live action version of Teen Titans GO! I presume. But anyway let’s watch it. (That means you watch it too, you know?)

Well I wasn’t expecting that. So this isn’t in the Arrowverse or the DCEU but in a new universe called The DC Universe. (How many freakin universes based on the same characters do I’ve to keep up with!) This one is different because everything is dark and gritty because Robin causally says the f word when someone compares him to Batman and people are violently murdered. I’m not a Teen Titans guy but I’m not really sure if an all dark direction works for 18 year old superheroes just saying. It works for Batman and Wolverine but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for Superman or Ant-Man.

The trailer is fine it looks interesting but I’m not really sure it fits the tone for these types of characters especially for someone like Beast Boy or Starfire. Maybe if this was just a Robin show but We’ll have to wait and see but if this show does bad at least I got these Titans.

It also has a catchy theme song too.

The Superhero Movies

We don’t have any Marvel Trailers this year probably because of a certain movie that did a certain thing, you know ‘wink’ wink’. But we got some DC trailers instead because they love to remind us there still out there trying and failing to catch up to Marvel’s Status. So I guess we’ll start off with Heavy Metal Fish Man. Let’s Begin.

Well it looks like every other DC movie. Just from this trailer I’ve got a pretty good idea on what’s going to happen in this movie. We’ll have another origin story, our hero wiil have to search for their destiny or self-purpose, CGI everything and a yawn exhausting final battle with superpowered freaks who can’t die. The movie looks terrible and I feel that Jason Momoa is very much miscast for the role because how I see Aquaman is someone like the version in the animated Justice League show where he’s just an absolute heroic badass or he’s a cheesy useless idiot who talks to fish. This Aquaman seems like a combination of them both and it doesn’t really work for me especially his squeal when he jumps out of that plane. The movie looks really bad can’t wait to see it.

And our last movie of the day is only a teaser trailer right now but it should be good.

Unrelated question So if I say Shazam will I become an old man or go back to being a 10 year old boy? SHAZAM! looks really dumb which I think is great idea for a superhero so stupid. I’m guessing this is DC’s first attempt at an Ant-Man or Dr. Strange type movie where they get an obscure character and make a movie about it. This teaser is okay those trailer sounds got really irritating pretty quick but this one has the potential to be pretty decent. I don’t really have much to say besides The Shazam suit looks kind of terrible but I’m glad Shazam isn’t getting the Man of Steel treatment. This one seems promising but we shall  see.

Okay that’s all the trailers I feel like discussing  for this year. So we’ll have to wait and see if they’re as good as they’re showing us. This was quite fun to do so if you like this I might do more in the future and I’ll like to end this off with saying that I have a Twitter account now. So just enter @BlogComplainer or just go into that menu thing on the homepage and you can see my latest posts from there. That’s about it for now don’t worry my Watch-a-thon should be done by the weekend.

Until Next Time, I’m The Blog Complainer, Signing Out.

Cameron Black

I review stuff and hate on everything you ever loved. But I’m still a super nice guy and make pretty entertaining content.

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  1. 18cinemalane

    Interesting insight, Cameron! I liked how you broke the trailers down in four distinct sections! Personally, I liked the Aqua Man trailer the most. That trailer reminded me of Thor, who is one of my favorite superheroes in the MCU. You should definitely make another post like this for 2019’s Comic Con!

  2. Cameron Black

    Thank you for the nice comments 18cinemalane I appreciate all the nice comments you leave me. I’ll be reacting to trailers and complaining about how bad they are until the day I run out funny things to say. So far so good!

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