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The End Of The Star Wars Spin-offs (For Now) & Quick Update

Hey everyone, Blog Complainer here.

This is new for me talking about news and things happening in the real world. (Because I live in a perfect fantasy land where I think the real world doesn’t exist) This won’t happen often because I honestly don’t care half the time. But only if I think I have something new to add to the conversation which in this case I do.

So just yesterday as I’m writing this a news site called Collider (Have any of you heard of this site because I haven’t) reported because of Solo’s poor performance that Disney or Lucasfilms (Same thing) has decided to put their Star Wars Stories on hold and just focus on Episode 9 and begin to work on Rian Johnson’s new trilogy and now other similar sites have reported on the exact same thing, including me. In case you’re interested here’s a link to the article I’m using:

Apparently A Mos Eisley Movie Was in the works as Well. (Face Palms)

To be honest it’s not that surprising this happened. Disney’s mind-set for the last 8 years was like this:

Hey Steven now we own Star Wars, I’ve just brilliantly came up with an amazing idea to keep Star Wars running for as long as The Marvel Cinematic Universe

And what’s that Jim?

In between the 10 new trilogies we’re working on we’ll add these expanded stories called Star War Stories to show what happened before A New Hope. For Example Steven, Did you ever want to know how The Rebels got The Death Star Plans?

But I Know how they..

But specifically how?

No, Never gave it a thought

Or How Han Solo made the Kessel run in 12 Parsecs

He did what?

Or what was Obi-Wan Kenobi doing on Tatooine before he met Luke & Evan McGregor has agreed to play him. Huh-Huh Liking it Steven?

I don’t know Jim it feels kind of..

*SNAP ‘How about a Boba Fett movie ! he was such an underused character in the original movies Everyone needs to know his story

You’re not getting my point Jim, These movies feel a bit unnecessary. Don’t you think people will get sick of Star Wars if we release a new movie every single year

‘(Laughs) It’s Star Wars Steven! Who cares what it’s about, people will see it. Even if people start to hate the movies Kids will still see it. Steven don’t you remember we’re Disney and we know what kids love more than the movies. THE MERCHANDISE! (LAUGHS MANIACALLY)

(Steven looks at Jim Uncomfortably)


I’m guessing Disney goal is to hit the billions every single movie and since this one barely made its budget back, they’re forced to scrap their ideas for future movies. I’m glad that we had a win and hopefully I won’t have to see another Star Wars movie again until 2030. But like with EA’s 2017 Star Wars Battlefront Microtransaction drama Disney will eventually bounce back when the buzz has settled down and they’ll go back to business as usual. Here’s a secret I’ve came up with years ago. If you really want to teach these big companies a lesson. Then just stop buying their products. (Don’t worry I’ll never learn that lesson too)

So anyway, I never saw the point in these Star Wars spin-offs to begin with. They all felt like poorly made cash grabs on Disney’s assembly line. The two both look visually impressive but really add nothing new to the franchise. I really couldn’t pick which one I disliked more than the other because they both left me in the same mood each time. I really cannot understand why people like Rogue One I really don’t. It’s the same thing  with Star Wars: Rebels I’ve only seen 6 episodes and I didn’t like any of it. (I must be a true Star Wars Fan)

What both of these movies have in common is that they both had too many chefs in the kitchen. Rogue One was just a mess & Solo was just a disaster. These films suffered from multiple rewrites, re-shoots and all because of too many people with different ideas and with Lucasfilm having the final say. I could only imagine working on ones of these movies and by then I would be writing the script for  that Wolf Guy in the Cantina. I would be kicked out of the project because  I wanted my Wolf Guy to wear a sombrero and Disney wanted him to wear a Fedora. (Where am I Going with this?)

Wolf Guy: A Mos Eisley Cantina Adventure

Lastly I should mention Rian Johnson’s new trilogy which is supposed to be completely new and original. Which I think that’s what we needed and I’m actually excited about. So how I think they should fix Star Wars is I would wait 5 to 10 years to release this new Star Wars Trilogy and I would release one movie every three years to keep people interested. The spin-offs should remain in comic books & we need a Live-Action Star Wars TV Show and maybe make it similar to Star Trek or Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s how you fix Star Wars Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’ll end this off with what to expect for the end of this month and what’s to come next:

The rest of June: This weekend I plan to see Tag and hopefully see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom during the week and maybe another movie before the end of June. But between then I’ll be releasing a special type of review that I’m currently working on it should be done sometime next week.

July: What you’ll definitely see reviews is for Ant-Man and The Wasp & Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. But if I get time I hope to see Adrift & Skyscraper and I’ll drop some other reviews throughout the month. (Also Simpsons Season 3)

Thank you for reading my own experiment that doesn’t need to do as well as Star Wars to make me happy. As long as you leave a like or a nice comment that’s all I need.

Until Next Time I’m The Blog Complainer Signing Out.





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