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Hereditary: A Modern Horror Classic

Hereditary is a movie made by people who actually have a passion for movies unlike that last movie I reviewed. I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie at all until one of my friends suggested it right before I saw Ocean’s 8. So a day later I saw this Mainstream Horror flick & this is easily the best out of the two movies I saw last weekend. This one is an interesting movie to talk about and as you get to the end of my review you’ll have a better idea of what I mean. I’m going to try my best at not giving too much away while also telling you why you should see it & why I really liked this movie.

The Beginning: What I love about this movie is it sets the tone of the movie right off the bat. It shows a normal family living in an old house who are trying to get over losing a loved one. It starts very calm but keeping the suspense factor in the background. We meet Toni Collette’s character Annie a worried woman with a life full of tragedy, Gabriel Byrne’s character Steve plays the guy set in reality when everyone else goes bat nuts, Alex Wolff’s character Peter a teen who gets high with his friends & doesn’t do well at school & Milly Shapiro’s character Charlie who’s a kid with issues & that’s all I’m going to say about her. The movie takes it time setting everything up & it’s one of the most brilliant set-ups I’ve seen in a movie this year.

2018’s Creepiest Child Award

The Terrosity: I’ve only seen one other horror movie this year & that’s Truth or Dare & it stunk. The problem with that movie it thought it was scary but it was the opposite of scary. I’m grateful to say that this movie is actually scary & some parts can even be very disturbing. What I like with this movie that it’s very good at building suspense. But Some parts can be pretty predictable with that music in the background. (Even if you haven’t seen a horror movie you’ll know what I’m talking it about) What helps this movie the most is with the performances especially from Toni Collette who is excellent in this movie. Some scenes she absolutely stole the scene. She does a great job at helping building the suspense for the scene along with the lighting which I think played an excellent part in this movie along with the very smooth camera work.

The Themes: The movie is about spirits & demonic possession but I think it’s more about letting your grief take over your life which eventually leads into madness. Once the movie starts getting into the talking to the dead stuff is when all hell breaks loose. It’s a non-stop fright fest which kind of made me question if I wanted to watch it again. It’s also a great movie to analyse not just with the ending but there are a lot of scenes where characters barely say anything & it just shows their face & all it is visual story telling. It’s all in the performance which is something you barely see in many movies now days most because big budget movies think people are as intelligent as gold-fish.

Can anyone describe this picture with no context?

It’s a movie that’s going to make you think especially by the end which took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the hell was going on. If you people want I can do another blog discussing the ending & my thoughts on it. But anyway I can’t call myself The BC without mentioning…

The BC’s Dreaded Nitpicks

  • The Cellos & Violins they have in all these types of movies got really annoying after a while & should either have it very quiet or have no music at all.
  • Some scenes kind of went on a little bit too long then they had to
  • I wished I had a remote out for all the reading parts
  • Some parts can get a bit boring but maybe that might help with a rewatch. ( Which I feel like I need)

I’m out of bad things to say. Damnit!

The Perfect Terrifying Family


Why You Should Watch This Movie: This is a very well made film & the director Ari Aster did a great job for his first mainstream picture. Even if you’re not a fan of horror like me & you’re a movie buff like me then this is definitely worth your time. Even if you don’t care about horror movies I think it’s worth supporting movies like this so we can get more movies like Hereditary or Tully & less movies like Truth or Dare or Ocean’s 8. Hereditary is a really good movie & it’s a 9/10 for me. Definitely worth your time, go and see it as soon as you can. (Maybe even rewatch it) I feel like one day this movie has the potential of becoming a classic.

Those are my thoughts on Hereditary I’m currently working on some ideas that might be fun things we can do in the future & I might revisit some movies I’ve reviewed so far & analyse it or if you got any ideas then please let me know. So anyway if you agree or disagree please let me know in the comments. If you can share it with your loved ones that would be great and if you haven’t notice I’m a huge fan of movies, TV Shows & Video Games and I’m willing to suffer for my audience so let me know on what I should review next.

Thanks for reading this review and I’ll see you again in the next review.

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