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My take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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With the new Han Solo prequel right around the corner & people love everything Star Wars related. So I had this movie all wrapped up, lying around since it came out on DVD, so I thought why not talk about the movie that split Star Wars fans right in the middle of that broken Super Star Destroyer Thing. This review will be my analysis on the movie & I’ll talk about my thoughts on the movie & mention some of these complaints people have. Since this a newer movie & if you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen this movie here’s a spoiler warning. Let’s get started.

The History: Star Wars came out over 40 years & it was a massive hit back in the day. Young George Lucas was a young aspiring filmmaker who just hit a gold mine & now has his own Scrooge McDuck’s vault. Like many people I wasn’t alive when the original trilogy first came out. By the time the prequels came out everyone was so attached to the originals that the prequels just let a bad taste in your mouth just after you walked out of the restaurant. George Lucas bolted & ran after the prequels were done with no plans for an episode 7. After that Lucas just spat out special editions that people hated & 3-D releases that everyone hated. He pretty much turned his back on Star Wars as much as Harrison Ford hates being associated with the franchise.

Star Wars Meets The Micky Mouse Club

Eventually The House of Mouse got Lucas to give them the rights to Star Wars right after this they announced Star Wars: The Force Awakens it became the most anticipated thing of the year. It finally came out in 2015 & it made a lot of money & everyone called it a rip-off of A New Hope. A year later Rogue One came out & that was also a rip-off of A New Hope with boring new characters & tons of Fan-Service. Finally The Last Jedi came out & Critics praised it & Fans hated it. They even went so far to make a petition to erase this movie from the official canon. I’m not kidding:

Star Wars Fans: There are a lot terrible fan-bases out there mostly from the video game side of it. But most Star Wars Fans go a little too far on a dumb space adventure about space wizards who fight with giant glow sticks. I know not every Star Wars Fan isn’t like this it’s mostly the people who praise the originals as masterpieces & bully people who liked the prequels. These types of people are ones who scared George Lucas away from Star Wars. I like grew up with all of these movies I love the originals but I wouldn’t compare it to The Godfather Movies & The prequels are disappointing but there not The Twilight Movies.

Couldn’t have said it better myself

How I see it is these people are from the 80’s & 90’s & grew up with the originals & they still see them through their childhood eyes but now with these movies that stick fairly close to the originals they immediately reject them because they’re not how imagined in their heads when they were 4 years old no matter how good it is. Even though The Force Awakens steals a lot from A New Hope I still enjoyed it. The Last Jedi I just watched a few hours ago as I’m writing this I really enjoyed myself & I appreciate that it’s doing its own thing. But they hated it because it didn’t play safe & took so many risks & twist & turns that they rejected it like they’re a child rejecting their veggies. I feel no matter what these new writers & directors do fans will just hate on their new films.

What People Hate About The Last Jedi: I’ve searched up a few sites of problems that people had with this movie & now we’re going to discuss them.

Leia should’ve died in Outer Space– My first thought of this was ‘This is Stupid’ after rewatching it …well this series isn’t Star Trek & there are tons of things about The Force that people don’t like. It’s a mystical magical force that space hippies worship & Leia has shown she is very strong with the force.

Finn & Rose– People are disappointed that Finn left Rey for Rose & some people are disappointed that Finn left Poe for Rose. My thoughts on this is Rose never stuck out to me besides just following the script & Finn hasn’t done anything significant besides leaving his superiors other than that he’s a pretty uninteresting character. But is their romance forced? Of course it is.

Luke is grumpy & old that’s against his character!

Luke is completely out of character– I’m guessing people don’t know that characters are allowed to change in a certain time period. This movie clearly shows how Luke departed away from his Return of The Jedi self into the ashamed hero he is now. There is a lot to talk about with Luke. I’ll end it off with Luke throwing Rey’s lightsaber over the edge. People hated that for some reason. I thought it was kind of funny.

The Humour isn’t like other Star Wars movies– What I’ve loved about The Force Awakens is the humour & because this movie is darker like The Empire Strikes Back & the only jokes is Poe distracting Hux at the beginning & whatever BB-8 is up to. Apparently not much humour is a bad thing because I thought most of the jokes in this movie were kind of forced.

Benicio del Toro’s Character– Apparently his purpose as the code breaker to help disable there lightspeed tracker thing until they find out he was backstabbing them for a pay cheque was a pointless subplot. Did you watch the same movie?

Luke Made Me pouty

Luke Created Kylo Ren– This also goes against his character. Remember when Luke also killed Vader. Luke thought killing Kylo would stop him from turning to the dark side. But all he did was make it worse. Characters are allowed to make mistakes you know.

Poe Hate– Poe is a hot-headed idiot who acts instead of thinks. Again characters can make mistakes & it’s in character.

Snoke Dies Before We Can Learn Anything About Him– Snoke is basically The Emperor in these movies & how much did we learn about The Emperor in the Original Trilogy?

This ugly old guy died before he spat out his 15 minute long backstory.


It wasn’t until the prequels that we learned his backstory. Snoke will probably get an expanded novel one day with his backstory & killing him off was an amazing move because now it takes the story in a much more interesting direction.

No Lightsaber Duels– Every other Star Wars movie had one (Rogue one doesn’t count) People got really annoyed about that. The fights they had were awesome in my eyes. Especially Rey & Kylo vs Snoke’s guards was great. Even Luke & Kylo’s was pretty cool.

Rey & Kylo Ren destroys Anakin’s lightsaber– I didn’t even notice it the first time watching. I’ll be more shocked if The Millennium Falcon got destroyed. (I wonder if fans will make a petition on that.)

Wait, Rey’s Parents are Who????

Rey’s Parents are nobodies– Do you know how big this galaxy is & how few Skywalkers & Solos there are. We’ll probably learn more about her parents in the next movie who knows her dad might be Darth Plagueis.

Captain Phasma is wasted once again– I thought they put her in a trash compactor. Anyway she’s back somehow & people still think they wasted her. I view Captain Phasma as this movie’s trilogy’s version of Boba Fett. They’re both look cool, don’t say much, we never see their face & both have no character. I’ll say one thing she didn’t have a lame death like Boba.

Laura Dern’s Sacrifice– Again this isn’t Star Trek it’s not based in our reality it’s a space fantasy. I thought it was a great moment.

The only Stormtrooper I ever cared about is send to the trash compactor again!

And Finally we have Luke’s Death– Luke distracts Kylo long enough so everyone can escape & he dies once they escaped. This made everyone furious believing he deserved a better death he deserved Vader’s death or Han’s death. My view of it is Luke used enough force energy to project a holographic image of himself which must’ve been hard work. So it makes sense that he’ll feel weak & die. Also Luke is like symbol or legend for the galaxy so seeing him finally make peace at the end was a nice end to his character. The whole movie was about passing the torch over to the new characters. Luke will probably return as a ghost in the next one.

Okay here are my problems with this movie

The Casino Planet– This was extremely boring for me & it felt like I was watching a direct to DVD Disney Channel Sequel.

Those bird things– I know why they exist but I still don’t like them.

I’m probably alone on this just like this entire review

Laura Dern not telling Poe What’s going on– This is the one that really bothered me. Poe has shown that he isn’t good at following orders so why didn’t Purple lady just tell him what the plan was & he wouldn’t have turned on you!

Hux– It’s nice to know that British Cartoon Villains still exist in the Star Wars universe.

That’s it I actually really loved this movie.

My Thoughts: My view is that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie since the original movies. Here’s where I would put it.

  1. Empire
  2. A New Hope
  3. \(Last Jedi)/
  4. Return of Jedi
  5. Force Awakens
  6. & etc. Prequels, Rogue One & That TV Clone Wars Movie

This movie is one big chase like Empire. The Residence are down on their luck for the whole movie & The First Order have the upper hand for the whole movie & it’s feels pretty hopeless for our heroes that they’ll get out of this alive. Every scene with Luke & Rey was great. Kylo Ren is probably the most fascinating character in this new trilogy. The movie looks beautiful especially on the Salt planet & Snoke’s throne room. Modern Star Wars movies amaze me on how good the Cg looks especially with the big First Order ships & the scope of the planets. The set design & detail are all fantastic. I mentioned earlier I love that this movie has tons of twists & turns & Rian Johnson did a great job at writing this story. This movie feels like the modern Empire Strikes Back while being it’s only original story. So I’ll end this review with saying I think The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars Movie since Empire.

But whatever it’s just my opinion & nobody cares about what some young dumb dashing complainer thinks & I’m wrong and you should all sign that petition to erase The Last Jedi from Star Wars Canon. #WeWantOurMoneyBack & make Star Wars great again.

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