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Hey everyone Blog Conplainer here.

While I’m busy working on new reviews & on Life. I thought I should mention to my new followers that I have a few older reviews on If you don’t know what they do, well can you take a guess. So anyway back in the day which was 3 months ago. I wrote my first ever review back in March on a very obscure movie that grossed about a billion dollars called Black Panther. From there I continued to write other reviews for the site. Like a few other movies from that year & a ton of Twilight Reviews. Those were fun times.

After awhile I got so into the groove that it got frustrating waiting for it to go through their system. So I jumped ship and started my own site & my last 3 reviews that I posted (That still aren’t there) are the first ones I used here. So that’s pretty much the whole story that I’m willing to tell for now. What I plan to do is leave links to my older reviews so you can have a look at them as you please.

2018 Movie Reviews

My first ever review: Black Panther (So you have my permission to make fun of it):

My second review was called Red Sparrow:

Next was a war movie called 12 Strong:

A action comedy called Game Night:

I think one of my best reviews that I’m proud of at least Love, Simon:

The best movie of the year Truth or Dare:

My last review on the site The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Society:

My Twilight Series


New Moon:


Breaking Dawn Part 1:

Breaking Dawn Part 2:

And Everything Else

Avatar: The Legend Of Aang (Yeah I calling it that):

The First Season Of Westworld:

The Eighth Season Of The Walking Dead:

And of course the best for last- ‘Come on Slam & Welcome to The Jam!’

It’s Space Jam!, Space Jam!:

Well that’s it. I just wanted to show off my past work and where I’ve started. But now I plan to look forward and march on so I’ll see you all in my next new review which should be up this weekend so stay tuned.







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