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I Feel Pretty (2018): Movie Reivew

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I Feel Pretty is one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen so far this year.

The plot is just dumb, it isn’t funny, its message you could figure out by just reading the title of the movie & this movie is just stupid. This movie isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it’s pretty close to the bad category. So let’s discuss this dumb movie shall we.

The Stupidest Plot Ever: The movie follows Amy Schumer a boring everyday lady who’s jealous of all the Victoria Secret Models at her Soul Cycle club because they’re all skinny & she’s not. Then we meet Emily Ratajkowski who has a bunch of guys stalking her & now Amy Schumer is jealous because she’s hot & she isn’t. About 20 minutes into the movie Amy Schumer wishes at a water fountain to be pretty. Instead of trying to lose weight or just going to a bar or something to find a guy she instead throws a coin into the fountain & nothing happens. But the next day she goes to her Soul Cycle club & she falls over & she hits her head. She wakes up & now she thinks she is pretty. (Even though it didn’t look like she hit her head that hard)

Now Amy Schumer thinks she’s hot stuff. (Kind of like the real life Amy Schumer) She gets a job working for Michelle Williams who was born without a personality then starts dating Rory Scovel who is a loser. The next hour is just Amy Schumer being unfunny & completely unlikable. After that she hits her head on the shower door & now she thinks she’s not pretty. So that leads us into the classic section in movies where the character just mopes because the script says so. Then stops moping around when the script calls for it because Emily Ratajkowski said her boyfriend broke up with her. In Amy Schumer’s head guys never break up with super models because they’re gorgeous & they’re not normal people. Then a bunch of stupid stuff happens & Amy Schumer finally figures out the super obvious message that you would’ve figured out before seeing this movie. The End & you’ve lost 15% of brain cells.

Amy Schumer: The acting in this movie isn’t that bad. Michelle Williams might be the best out of the lot & Rory Scovel is okay. But Amy Schumer is just the worst. She isn’t a good actress, she isn’t funny & her character is SOOO annoyingly stupid that it makes me want to scream out her stupidity right in her ear. As the movie played out I just hated her character more & more. It started when the magic fairy dust makes her thinks she’s pretty. (God I’m sick of saying the word Pretty) Before that she just moped around a lot and then she becomes an unlikable Tart. She prances around like her life is perfect; she makes her friend’s life look bad compared to hers, she sucks up to her bosses & just a horrible person all together. She’s the biggest idiot ever & the movie plays this for laughs. ‘Haa Haaa Ha the fat lady thinks she’s pretty Haaaaa Haaaaaaa!’

Walk!: This movie really missed hard in the comedy department. I’ve explained before that comedies can either be a hit or a miss & this one… well you know. The comedy mostly focuses on a pop cultural references, modelling, guys or Amy Schumer acting like an idiot. No one in my cinema laughed except I think I might’ve heard my friend smirk a few times. That’s it. The movie isn’t very funny & some of it is just offensive. This movie is made for really stupid people or people who don’t look for much in films. But even if you are one of these people I reckon you would still find this really boring to sit through.

This Movie Isn’t meant for Women: For most of this movie if you’re a woman who looks like Emily Ratajkowski than you’re a guy magnet & you’re also incredibly boring. But if you think you’re normal like Amy Schumer’s friends then you haven’t got a change because you don’t look like the girl on a magazine cover. If you’re a model then you’re an alien to rest of the world like Michelle Williams who doesn’t understand what normal people do. But if you’re normal and you think you’ve got a chance at being a part of the modelling world. Well you should date losers to make you feel better about yourself, make your old friends feel like dirt, talk about how pretty you look all the time, admire yourself all the time & also drop all your IQ levels because you won’t be needing those unless you lightly bump your head on the shower door.

This does change in the last 20 minutes & they address the actual message like it’s a South Park episode. The message is very simple & you don’t need an almost 2 hour-long movie to tell you this. Unless you’re as dumb as Amy Schumer in this movie.

Final Thoughts: This movie has some good performances & some decent camera work. But it’s very meh. There are few plot holes, some badly written characters & Amy Schumer isn’t a good main character. But in the end I feel like this is the most forgettable movie I’ve seen so far & it’s a 4/10. Stay away from this one because it’ll make you feel stupider.

Those are my thoughts on I Feel Pretty if you agree or disagree please let me know in the comments. If you can share it with your loved ones that would be great and if you haven’t notice I’m a huge fan of movies & TV Shows and I’m willing to suffer for my audience so let me know on what I should review next.

Thanks for reading this review and I’ll see you again in the next review. (This next one I hope it’ll become a monthly tradition so stay tuned)

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