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Truth or Dare (2018): Archived Review

*This review was originally released on on 18/04/2018

I got so much to say about this movie and there is no way I can do it without spoiling the whole movie. So this will be a spoiler review for this movie called Truth or Dare it’s a teen horror flick that is complete trash & now I’m going to go through the whole movie and explain why it’s the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year.

I dare you to read this review: So the movie starts with some girl going into a gas station and burns another lady alive because she has gone insane. If you saw the trailer you would know what she’s on about & you would’ve seen most of the movie so the spoiler warning is pointless to you Other than that you’ll be completely lost. Anyway we cut to these two girls. One of them who is the main character who is a YouTuber and does vlogs for the homeless and she is absolutely terrible in this movie. The other one is just a b**** or a Tart. (Google really helped me out this time) So anyway they talk about going on their Spring Break. The Tart talks about getting drunk & having sex with his boyfriend who I’m just going to call Boring Handsome Dude and it’s not subtly shown that Bright Eyes Girl has feelings for him. Because subtly is too hard, we need the characters to explain the plot so it’s a lot easier for people to understand our dumb Truth or Dare movie.

Anyway they go to Mexico where we meet our other boring leads like Know it all guy, his black girlfriend, An Asian gay guy & Streaker dude that’s literally his character he shows his ‘pool cue’ to his friends and that’s it.  We have the worst opening montage sequence I’ve ever seen. A poorly edited opening sequence with everyone having fun sending their Spring Break photos to SnapChat it feels more like a cringe compilation. That’s also when I forget I’m watching a horror flick.  Then we get to the party where Tart reveals she likes to make out with every guy she sees. This makes Bright Eyes sad until she meets some guy at a bar & they go out to an old abandoned church & they all play Truth or Dare. It’s all fun and games with a few fake jump scares along the way and Tart gets mad at Bright Eyes for having feelings for her boring boyfriend but then it’s revealed that Bar Guy tricked them so he can put them in this death game of Truth or Dare so he can live and they can’t.

After their Spring Break Bright Eyes goes back to college & sees Truth or Dare signs everywhere. Then we see the first of many funny as hell smiley face hallucinations. She screams out that Tart cheats on her boyfriend with 10 other guys. Bright Eyes immediately tells her other friends that Bar Guy cursed them to play Truth or Dare and they immediately believe her. Later that night Streaker dude has to show his ‘Pool Cue’ to some hot girls but he chickens out & the Smiley face makes him kill himself. Bright Eyes & friends now all accept they’ve been cursed by Bar Guy and are no longer messing around anymore. Then Know it all ignores them & gets himself killed. Yay! Tart gets kind of mad at Bright Eyes & the game tells her to break her hand. Bright Eyes goes to hospital to get her hand fixed up then Asian gay guy gets attacked by a dead old man & the old man even teleports around the place to make the scene even more hilarious. In the end Asian Gay Guy tells his dad he’s gay.

So the boredom gang tries to solve the mystery of this curse & they check out the girl from the beginning of the movie Facebook account. I love that they immediately know how to deal with this situation &I love how the lines in the trailer are actually big plot points in the movie. So Know it all’s Gal has to do a dare because The Smiley freaks change the rules when it’s convenient. This scene is actually pretty decent too bad it’s ruined when they just kill off this character in the very next scene! So they meet Flamethrower girl and all she does is gives them is a name drop then she dies. Tart continues to sulk about her dead dad while Bright Eyes & Boring Handsome Dude go to Mexico to meet an old mute lady who started this whole dumb Truth or Dare Business and actually stopped the demon. The scene is full of exposition that I don’t even remember or care enough on what they learnt. But they know how to stop The Smiley Face creeps.

To make Tart even more annoyed at Bright Eyes. Boring Handsome Dude has sex with Bright Eyes & Bright Eyes reveals (along with some fake tears) that her dad to try to rape her. Tart is still mad even though she knows the game is making her do this, she clearly kept this from her because she didn’t want to tear apart their friendship & Tart has done much worse than she has. She tries to resolve this by killing herself because she wants us to feel sorry for her. Man I hate that Girl! Too bad Bright Eyes talks her out of it. During all of that Asian Gay Guy is forced to make his dad beg for his life but some cop got a little bit trigger happy and shoots the kid. (I’m looking forward to spinoff where the dad goes after that dumb cop who killed his son)

So the three boreateekers discover that Bar Guy from earlier is the guy they need to end the curse. They take him to Mexico to end the curse by making him cut out his own tongue. Then Handsome Boring Guy has to decide if he wants to kill Bright Eyes or Tart. He chooses neither then the game cheats and kills Bar Guy then Handsome Boring Dude. So with just Bright Eyes & Tart left Bright Eyes cleverly makes the game play the game. But she’s dumb enough to mess it all up & the only way to win is that they all die. Which they also mentioned in the damn trailer. So with no other options instead of just killing themselves and ending the curse for good they decide to endanger the rest of the world by uploading a video to tell everyone to play Truth or Dare so they don’t have to die straight away. Thanks Tarts.

Final Thoughts: This movie is awful. Some parts are unintentionally hilarious, extremely predictable & but it’s a very unscary movie. Featuring Cheap Jump Scares (They’re not scary anymore), Boring Characters, Bad Acting & just a really bad movie. I’m not going to give this my usual rating but on the so bad it’s good scale & it’s pretty much a 6/10. Some parts are very funny & some parts are just boring. Which is a shame it’s making that new Amy Schumer movie look good. (Tell the truth you hated this movie too)

Those are my thoughts on Truth or Dare if you agree or disagree please let me know in the comments and share it with your loved ones.

If you haven’t notice I’m a huge fan of movies and I’m willing to suffer for my audience (If I have any) so let me know on what I should review next.

Thanks for reading this review and I’ll see you again in the next review.

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