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*This review was originally released on on 9/04/2018

Love, Simon is a new movie that came out very recently and it’s revolutionary as it’s the first main stream movie for young adolescent boys who believe they’re a homosexual. My Mum wanted me to see a romantic gay teen comedy because I watch too many violent movies and too many raunchy comedies so this one will have to do. I saw it last weekend and here are my thoughts on it.

The movie follows teenage boy Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) as he has a normal high school life. He gets along with very well with his family and friends but Simon has a one big secret: HE’S GAY! When Simon discovers anonymous person online who goes to the same school and feels the same way as he does. The two decide it’s time to slowly reveal themselves to their loved ones.

This movie surprised me a bit. From the trailers I figured this movie is about the romance between Simon and his mysterious friend Blue. But it’s actually the two trying to tell their friends & family who they really are. The story of this movie is a pretty basic forbidden love story except the couple is two guys. The story is nothing amazing but it kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Let’s talk about some of the characters. Firstly Simon, he’s the most boring main character I’ve seen so far this year. There’s nothing wrong with him or interesting with him he’s just boring. Simon is gay and he wants to pretend he isn’t and this is where we get to the other characters. Simon’s family are okay his dad (Josh Duhamel) gets the most attention and he’s the annoying dad who thinks he’s is funny but he isn’t and I’m glad the mum played by Jennifer Garner was sidelined for most of the movie because she could’ve easily ruined the movie. So good call director.

Simon’s friends are pretty basic too. The most interesting ones are Abby (Alexandra Shipp) & Martin. (Logan Miller) One is boring but has an interesting backstory and the other is an interesting character to bad he’s a jerk. His other friends aren’t really worth mentioning to be honest because they’re all so dull. Then we get to the Vice Principal (Tony Hale) who is so over the top he might be the best character in the movie. Lastly the whole thing with who Blue is got annoying after a while when they try to tease you throughout the movie on who this guy could be. Without giving spoilers the reveal of Blue was very one noted.

While this movie tries to act like it’s special but it isn’t. It does have really touching moments when Simon tells one of his friends he’s gay. The whole thing about being gay is very much one sided to all the other stuff that don’t really lead anywhere interesting. It’s kind of like they wanted a movie where the main character is gay but they were also a bit afraid how audiences would react so they throw it to the side. If you often cry in movies then this one might make you a bit teary. (But not me because I have no soul) There is some comedy but for me some jokes work and some don’t. If you know me comedies are normally hit or a miss and this one is just fine in the comedy department.

The things that really bothered me was when Simon would type anything on Google or G-mail it would have a really close up zoom in on the print and it was very annoying after a while. Also at the end of the 2nd act where you know the part where everyone has to hate each other because the plot says you have to. How this moment happened I felt like it could’ve been resolved if Simon just put all his cards on the table and the ending was so cheesy that it’s sickening.

In the end Love, Simon was a pretty good time but’s its nothing amazing with a story we’ve seen a million times, very basic characters and with some minor personal gripes of mine. I think it’s worth checking out at least once if you’re interested or just wait until you can rent it at home. So it’s a 6/10 I was considering 7 but I have feeling this movie won’t even be remembered in a few years’ time.

Those are my thoughts on Love, Simon if you agree or disagree please let me know in the comments, Share it with your loved ones If you haven’t notice I’m a huge fan of movies and I’m willing to suffer for my audience (If I have any) so let me know on what I should review next.

April is here and there’s a lot of movies to see and I’m bound to cover a few of them or I’ll just save it for later but until then Thanks for reading this review and I’ll see you again in the next review.

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