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12 Strong (2018): Archived Review

*This review was originally released on on 12/03/2018

Today I decided to see a movie called 12 Strong, because at this point I’m daring myself to see every movie that has weird valve name that grabs my interest. So when I saw Red Sparrow (Link here for review ) I saw a trailer for this movie. Never thought about it again until a friend of mine suggested we should check it out. So we did and it was… (I bet no one is even reading this part so here’s my rating 4/5)

The story takes place after the tragic event known as 9/11 we follow Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) who forms a special task-force in Afghanistan to conquer a town run by the Taliban’s and has to team up with The Alliance to go up against impossible odds in order to protect their countries future.

Firstly this movie didn’t grab me as much as Red Sparrow did and its does nothing unique like another war movie Dunkirk.  12 Strong kind of plays out like any other War Movie. (I probably should’ve mention at the beginning it’s a war movie) It’s got a lot of people getting shot or blown up, it’s quite depressing but all the main characters are likable and they’re all have something back home to look forward too. All the stuff we’re very familiar with that helps a movie like Dunkirk stand out from the rest.

Chris Hemsworth does a decent job but I’m not sure on his American accent. Michael Shannon, Michael Pena and even Navid Negahban as Abdul Rashid Dostum were all good in their roles. For everyone else they didn’t stand out to me to even notice them. There’s Nelson and 11 other guys and only a third of them stuck out to me. I couldn’t even describe to you half of Nelson’s team because they’re all so minor. Does anyone here remember The Hobbit movies and they had 14 dwarves and you didn’t care about any of them except the prince dwarf? 12 Strong has a similar problem but not as bad as those movies.

I maybe bashing this movie pretty hard but there are some things I enjoyed about this movie. The battle scenes looked quite impressive. When guns were fired it felt like guns same thing when they had some air strikes. When people were killed there was some weight (Not all of them) when they showed wide shots of dead bodies everywhere. The action scenes are very bloody when people get shot in the head you can see some blood spatter. My only problem with is the large action scene at the end it dragged on for a bit.

I maybe a bit bias here but I’m not into war movies that much. I’ve seen Dunkirk and I hope to one day see Saving Private Ryan but for me War movies aren’t for me. (I wasn’t kidding when I was daring myself) The reason why I don’t really care for war movies is because they all feel very the same. This is why I appreciate movies like Dunkirk for being different. It’s not my favourite I’m not even sure if I would watch it again but it’s different from the other forgettable war movies that this one fits right in the middle of.

12 Strong isn’t bad or even good it’s just in the middle for being a generic war movie. I enjoyed watching and it’s stunning to look at but in the end I would never watch it again. It’s a been their done that type of movie for me so it’s a 5/10. Decent performances, good camera work, cool looking action scenes and a forgettable movie all together and it’s not really worth your time.

2 weeks away from Blockers everyone Woo-Hoo! Also everyday a big chicken haunts my dreams so unless I’m dead or I’ve gone insane expect a review  that.

Those are my thoughts on 12 Strong if you agree or disagree please let me know in the comments. If you haven’t notice I’m a huge fan of movies and I’m willing to suffer for my audience (If I have any) so let me know on what I should review next.

Thanks for reading this review and I’ll see you again in the next review. (It’ll probably be Blockers)

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